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Copyright Rules

To hold a copyright means that you, and you alone, have the RIGHT to COPY.  In the U.S., every piece can have a variety of copyrights, specifying a particular venue in which that copyright holder may copy, but let's not confuse the basic issue.

That's not "right to copy, so long as I provide credit".  It's "right to copy", period.  If you're not the copyright holder on a piece, you do not have the right to copy it without permission from the copyright holder.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO LISTERS.   When you create something tangible, you hold the copyright to it.  Sending it to Thinkers-International, as per the instructions for sending posts to this list, is an implicit permission for Thinker-International to send it to the list-at-large, and any other parts associated with this list, like the archives.  Nowhere else.  It's not permission for the rest of us to forward it out of the list.  Retaining our own archives for our own, personal use has always been allowed, which is why there's copy machines in libraries and the like.

By subscribing to the list, we're implicitly giving our word that we will not make copies of list posts beyond those four uses.

If you want to bring in someone else's copyrighted work, you have to ASK PERMISSION from the group owner before sending it to Thinkers-International  Then, when you send it along, include a statement of permission identifying who granted it and under what conditions.  Many copyright holders have their own boilerplate permissions; if you get one of those, use that instead of your own words.  Sometimes, a work itself includes the permissions; include that, then, when you forward.

WHAT ABOUT FAIR USE?   Good question.  U.S. copyright law allows for minor verbatim quotes from a copyrighted work, without permission, for the purpose of education, review, commentary, and so forth.  That's how, f'r'instance, it's cool for us to quote pieces of other people's posts when we reply to them:  we're copying just a part, for the purpose of commentary.  That means it's also cool to quote, say, a few pertinent lines from an article, and then give the rest of us attribution and where we can find the larger piece.  So, when you find something on the net that you think the rest of us would be interested in, a much simpler way to share it with us is to tell us about it and give us the URL.

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