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This is an invitation to join a fellowship of highly intelligent people around the globe, an email discussion group.  Many of the members are members of Mensa or other Hi-IQ groups but there is no requirement for such.  Intelligence is not hard to discern in written material.  All the "Digest" correspondence is in English, "side" correspondence may be in any language understood.

Thinkers International has been described as a "conversation among peers."  Few of us have ever met "in the flesh," few of us will ever meet thus, but we meet in cyberspace to discuss whatever we choose to discuss.  The rules are few and simple, but we do enforce them. The only penalty is to be banned from the forum.

We are made up of folk of diverse ethnicity and religious beliefs.  Those who seek entry into this fellowship must accept the fact that we are diverse.  Attacks on any religion, nationality or lifestyle are not encouraged and may be rejected if deemed to be in bad taste.  Thoughtful discussion, however, IS encouraged.

Courtesy and civility are suggested in all communications, and there shall be no personal attacks upon any member(s) of this forum.  There are no other taboos on subject matter, but it is well to remember that we are a diverse group of Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, atheists and agnostics, etc., spread around the globe.  It is good not to offend, and it is good to be not easily offended.  Holy Books of whatever kind may not be used as "proof" of any secular premise.

We respect the rights of copyright holders.  Fair usage excerpts may be included.  Please use URL pointers for full text.

The group is moderated.  Any messages that violate our few rules will be returned with an explanation.  The moderators may ban any subject they deem to be objectionable, overused, or otherwise unsuitable.  If a poster refuses to accept the moderator's decision the moderator may without further ado simply ban the offending poster.  This is not a public forum but a simple email list subject only to the list-owner's decisions.

NOTE:  By participating in the Thinkers-International forum, you agree that you will not take legal action against any other member of the forum based on opinions or facts expressed in the forum, however erroneous those opinions or facts may be. 

Group Owner: Paul Bruce

Moderator: Sally Kerpchar

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